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Areas of counselling I have experience with:


  • Anxiety

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Highly-Sensitive Person Awareness (Sensory Processing Sensitivity)

  • Introvert Awareness

  • Life Transitions, Challenging Life Events

  • Isolation & Loneliness

  • Low Mood

  • Identity Exploration

  • Self-awareness



Therapeutic Approach

I aim to create a safe, confidential space in my work with clients, in which you can explore and express your thoughts, feelings and emotions from your perspective without the fear of judgement or rejection.


I  facilitate this exploration by using empathy. Building a strong, trusting therapeutic relationship is paramount, in which you feel safe, seen and heard.

I am honoured to walk alongside my clients and witness their journey. I strive to do so with sensitivity and compassion.

My approach is integrative and relational.

I use person-centred and psychodynamic approaches in my work with clients. Person-centred therapy  focuses on creating a trusting relationship between the counsellor and  the client in the present, believing you are the expert on yourself. Therapy can help you increase your self-awareness and gain access to your internal resources and  strengths. Self-acceptance can also make a profound change. I believe as a result you will develop coping strategies and  experience lasting positive changes.


Psychodynamic therapy can help you look at  how past experiences may subconsciously impact on your feeling,  thinking and behaviour  today. By working through, processing  painful experiences and emotions, patterns may be identified and you may find the way forward. The counselling process can help you gain a deeper understanding of your concerns and be more aware of them. Ultimately, this deepened awareness can empower you to  make better  choices.

I have experience in working with  clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. Originally from Hungary, I understand the challenges around life transitions and adapting to a new culture. I believe appreciating and respecting clients' cultural background including values and beliefs is an important aspect of building a therapeutic relationship.


I have an interest in working with clients who may experience low mood, anxiety, life transitions, loneliness and  self-esteem issues.

I have  a special interest in raising awareness of being a highly-sensitive person (also called sensory processing sensitivity) and I support clients in  coping with the challenges of this personality trait and  noticing the positive aspects, too.

I am also committed to support introverted clients to explore, come to terms with and embrace  this personality trait.

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